Sunday, November 29, 2009

Child's Play!

Here's to clarify things! I am not born smart nor am I super smart. I worked hard to become the person that I am today. I worked hard to be where I am today. I have my own ways of learning. I DO pay attention in class just in a different manner and in a less stressful manner than yours! Youy might think that I'm a snob just cuz I speak English. I worked hard for my English. Enid Blyton's books helped me with my English eversince I was a kid. Its the matter of whether you are willing to learn and daring enough to speak it out loud!

Why would you wanna stress yourself out with these small problems? We're only taking 2 Communication subjects and you're so damn 'gung-ho' about it already. Imagine when we're taking 6 subjects. Then you'll REMOVE everyone thats seems to excel in class la?

The only way to improve is to ask, not emo and hate people who are improving. Get a life!

You are not suppose to study none stop with no play at all. I joke around, I flirt around, I make a fool outta myself but I know my understanding of what we're learning. So, don't hate me for being the person that I am.

I love myself and its time for you to find your true self and love yourself...

Joseph - TiRED of DRAMA!


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