Friday, November 27, 2009

Damn these 2 types of People...

Oh my GAWD! There's 2 type of people that I hate!

1. Fakers - these people pretend like nothing ever happened when there has been conflicts. They won't even discuss about the conflict. And if they do something behind your back, they act as if nothing has happened even though they know that you already know.

2. People who take photos of themselves aka CAMWHORiNG while trying to act cute when they are obviously NOT! - Then they somemore add it with this DAMN ugly pout like a bloat fish. They think its cute but who the heck want to do see your ugly lips? Worse! Most of the time, its GUYS who are doing those kind of poses. WTF??? Already ugly enough and yet wanna uglify youself. Oh my GAWD!

Joseph - HATE These PEOPLE!


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