Monday, November 2, 2009

Thursday 29th October 2009

Started the day as usual with Microeconomics class. Boring class but I'm starting to feel okayyy with the lecturer. I dislike him because I hate the subject but he seems to be joking with me in class at times and I feel super duper cheeky in his class. Haha!

Ended at 12pm, went to McD with Annie, Gary, Leaf, Si Ling and not to forget, CK! We 'ta pao' McD and head to Gary's house. CK...hahaha! He quacks when you poke his ribs. Hahaha!
We left Gary's house at 2.55pm 'cause Visual Communication class starts at 3pm. We reached college at 3.02pm and Pei Fei told us outside of class that Ms. Ng is in a bad mood today. We pulak, so stupid to believe her and walked in class with a serious manner. My god! Hahahaha...anyways, in Visual's class we learned about Visual Aid in Journalism. Me likey likey!

After class ended, a classmate approached me. Sorry, I don't know your name-really sorry. Anyways, he came up to me and asked me about the Newsletter Team thingy. He asked about the schedule, whether it'd be really packed. Er...I have like no idea at all 'cause there's like no meeting at all so far. But glad that he came up to me, at least I know now I have a partner in crime for Journalism English. Haha...finally! I found 1 who's taking the same major as me...



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