Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Chronicles Of Withcharia

Once upon a time, there lived a Princess. She adores nothing but gold. She was raised to be a witch but instead of being one of those witches that practices white magic, she chose to practice bitch magic. The Princess got involved with a tiff with the Court Jester. The Princess went to whine and moan to the Ambassadors of the Ruling Courtyard. Her attempt at whining failed despite her effort that came with tears. The Princess admitted defeat and the sea was calm once more. Everything was at peace. The Princess tried to act all innocent and smiled at the Court Jester. Next thing you know, The Princess went round The Ruling Courtyard and starts to give unreasonable reasons (no pun intended). The Princess went around, casting bitch magic at everyone trying to contaminate everyones' mind to believe in her innocence. Little did she know that her magic did not work for they only work on fools. The Princess then threatens to bring down The Ruling Courtyard with her wealth. The Princess is living in her own world where-by her wealth will sustain everything, that she can live young and forever with what she has now. The Ruling Court decides to get the Court Jester to help calm things down. The Court Jester agreed for he knows that the Princess is nothing more than a failed wicked witch.

The Princess does not know that the world is not as easy as it seems. The Princess thinks she will be spoon-fed throughout her life.



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