Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Over & Over Again

I've been through this from the 1st semester Now, its the 3rd semester. Its been like this since the beginning. Fellow classmates who are lazy come asking me for exam tips. First, you've got to ask yourself. Who am I? I'm just a student, same like you. Read: STUDENT. Meaning I'm studying, not working for Han Chiang College. I'm not under the Exam Department. I'm under The School of Communication as a STUDENT. So, don't come asking me for tips. If you are worried about your CGPA/grades, pay attention in class larh! Why wanna wait till its Revision Week or Exam Week then go around asking for tips. You all should have learn by now that I'm no longer THAT helpful because its a dog eat dog world.

Can you guys be a little bit independent when it comes to your studies? Learn how to study on your own, learn to focus not LEECH on others. Assignments also, some of you just sit and wait for it to be done. You don't even have to do the presentation. You just come show face and mind you, our batch's people aren't that good looking except for a few. Its time to grow. I've grew alot since entering college, its about time for the rest of you. The people that I keep with me as friends are people that I've seen them growing throughout the semester.

I admit, I lost focus this semester. I keep telling people that I'm abit dumb-er this semester and I'm a bimbo. Even if I side-tracked abit, I still know what I'm studying. You people keep saying cause I'm English Educated, cuz I'm smart/clever. NO! Its all about method. Its all about how you study, how you learn things. I  can say that I learn things pretty fast. Why is it I still go to Redbox and BoomBoom even though I have all these theories to study? Because I know my own way of studies. The way I learn is by teaching. As surprising as it sounds, I don't really like teaching but I understand my notes and theories as I go through with my friends. I learn as I teach, haha...

So, to my 'beloved' classmates...
I will ask you guys to STUDY HARD not STUDY SMART cause you guys don't seem to be STUDYiNG SMART if you come asking me for tips. GOOD LUCK for your exams ^^

Joseph - OMG! I'm Such A BiTCH!


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