Sunday, August 29, 2010


The continuation of BiTCHYTALE. As I was saying, Princess Bitchy became what she is because of Prince Buffalo. Princess Bitcy don't have much friends and yet she chases all her friends away. Now she only has her Prince Buffalo left. And Prince Buffalo is equally dislike by people. Princess Bitch likes to complain about people complaining about things but she herself don't know that she is complaining as well. Princess Bitch used to be likeable although not many people like her. Until Prince Buffalo showed up. Prince Buffalo don't come from a line of royal blood. He came from a line of CANiNE breed. Prince Buffalo is very loyal to Princess Bitch however. Princess Bitch says sit, Prince Buffalo sits. Princess Bitch says FUCK ME, Prince Buffalo do. Prince Buffalo used to use pirated goods but eversince he met Princess Bitch, he likes to show off his goods. One thing about Prince Buffalo is...he thinks he's queer and that all queers like him. Maybe the Witch cursed wrong person. She might have cursed Prince Buffalo to eternal sleep and Prince Buffalo is in layers of dream like Inception which makes him think that he is valueable to queers. Poor Buffalo...

And now? Princess Bitch is still with Prince Buffalo. Prince Buffalo likes to meddle and he likes to put salt on old wounds. As for Princess Bitch, she has no friends. Even her friends are scared that she will turn on them one day. Princess Bitch don't want to be bullied so she protects herself but she's doing it the wrong way. Princess Bitch thinks being who she is, she can go on. But one day, she will fall. Her kingdom of bitches will fall too. But wait, she don't have any bitches eversince she chase them away.

Poor Princess Bitch, she will slip away alone...


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