Sunday, August 29, 2010


Once upon a time, there lived a Princess. Her name is not worth mentioning so we shall call her Princess Bitch. Princess Bitch is a girly-girl and she loves shopping and all. Underneath all her wealth and possession, Princess Bitch has no friends. Even if she have, she don't treat them right. Her friends live in fear that someday Princess Bitch will hate them for no reasons because thats what Princess Bitch do. Her hobby is gossiping about everyone and anyone, hating the world and crapping. Princess Bitch loves to HATE people. She was a born hater. Princess Bitch even hates her own parent because her wish wasn't fulfilled. You see, Princess Bitch is very very spoiled even though she might not admit it.

Princess Bitch was very nice in the past. She was very nice with her friends and she HAD friends. But it all change when she meet Prince Buffalo. Prince Buffalo likes to add salt into open wounds whenever Princess Bitch have her usual tiff. Prince Buffalo is Prince Charming in Princess Bitch's eyes so she sees no wrong in him.

What is in-store for Princess Bitch and Prince Buffalo?



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