Thursday, August 19, 2010

This WRONG, That Also WRONG

I hate this house of mine. I don't wanna be trap in this house forever but at the same time, I can't move because I have 3dogs! I love my dogs. They are my babies, my life. Now, our application for the goverment's flat has been approved. Its only RM97 per-month. Problem is, not possible to keep dogs in flat. Plus its at level 9. I can't move in there. But if we reject it, we won't be able to apply for it next time. What should I do???

The current house is RM200 per-month. I hate this house, this freaking kampung house but I can keep my dogs here. In the flat, I can't. What should I do??? Damn it, damn it! I wanna move there but I want my dogs too! What you want me to do? Put my dogs to sleep as in kill them??? NO FREAKiN' WAY! I've kept them for 7 years, 7 years of my teenage hood. They've been with me through everything. I hug them when I'm down. I tell them how I feel. They run to me whenever I get home. They ''manja'' with me when the word ''sayang'' is mentioned.

WHiTEY - The STEAM Case One
CERA - The BABY In The Family


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