Tuesday, August 3, 2010


What a day! I hung out with Kher Shieu and her boyfriend, Goh Ki yesterday. What a blast. We went to CTY Aquarium at Burma Road to get a new cage for Bubu, Kher Shieu's pet Chinchilla. Then after that, we head to Gurney Plaza. I was on a mission. To get a pair of infamous Converse sneakers. I've been saving and now it is time...

Head to Converse, browse around. My first choice was the red one but after looking around, something occured to me. Converse sneakers are so common nowadays and the white, green and red ones are very very common. So I head over to the Limited Edition shelf and there it was. It's like its calling to me, LOL! What a way to describe. I saw this pair of high ankle sneakers. It is different and unique from the other sneakers because it's not plain colored. It comes with the design of the British Flag! Me and British Flag, we go a long way. The moment I saw it, I fell in love with it. Asked for size and it turns out there's only 1size per-pair and it only comes in size 8, 9 and 10. 10 it is! Tried it on and set, deal! Take it! Paid for it and got a Converse handphone strap for the purchase.

Out of nowhere, I applied for job at Converse itself but they need people in Queensbay, not Gurney. We'll see how it goes. Don't really expect much from these shoplots in malls. Tried applying there before but no news, mostly all bullshit.

After that, I went round TopMan to see if there's any nice wallet. Saw 1 that's really nice buts its over my budget so I settled for something from FOS. I don't care if its not branded, if its not LV, Prada or whatever brand. As long as I like it and I carry brand or brandless items well. Its not they are not branded, they are just less-known brands. Plus, whats the point of a teenager using all these branded, overpriced items?
If you're a student and you use all these branded stuffs, 5 things comes to people's mind:
1. Attention seeker
2. You're a showoff
3. Trying too hard to look posh
4. It's a fake (even though you know its the real deal)
5. You're a student and you're wasting money on these things instead of investing in your studies


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