Wednesday, August 4, 2010

So Called Movie Marathon

Today supposed to be an outing with a BiG GROUP but the turnout was only Hansel, Anne, Keisha, Wei Loon and Siew Hui. We reach Queensbay around 11am. Anne came to pick me, so sweet. I WOVE YOU, Anne. Hansel came with Keisha. So, since the other two would be late, we decided to watch a movie first. We wanted to watch Inception but missed the time. The next would be 6.30pm so we watched CHLOE instead. The movie was erm, awkward, a little boring and overall plain WEiRD. It tells of a wife, Catherine (Julianne Moore) who's sorta like going through mid-life crisis and suspects of her husband having affairs. She feels her husband is flirty when he's just trying to be friendly. She then invited a prostitute named Chloe (Amanda Seyfried) into her life. Getting her to seduce her husband (Liam Neeson) and report back to her whatever findings she have. Chloe reports back everyday about how Catherine's husband is cheating on her. How they had sexual connections and such. Till it caused the marriage to crack. Then outta nowhere, comes the lesbian scenes. All the lies that Chloe told Catherine made Catherine insecure and vulnerable and she fell for Chloe's trap. Both ended up in a lesbo act. But Catherine soon found out the truth and Chloe was out to get back Catherine. Supposingly, she had fallen in love with Catherine.

Chloe is just plain weird. She tell lies about Catherine's husband, sleeps with Catherine, sleeps with Catherine's son. Man, she wanna bang everyone??? Then there's the subtitle which cracked us up.

There was one scene where Chloe said she's coming down with something as in she's going to be sick soon. Catherine asked if she's ok and if she's seen the doctor. Chloe replied ''Its ok, I took some zinc'' to which the subtitle says ''Saya sudah makan BESi.'' Then she sneezed and she said ''Guess the zinc isn't working'' and the subtitle says ''Rasanya BESi itu tidak berkesan.'' Thats SO STUPiD!
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