Monday, August 23, 2010


First day of Year2 Sem1. Briefing at 10am about our subjects. Subjects to take in the new semester. Life will be busy from now onwards. I should study harder and smarter. I wanna work at the same time, otherwise can pokaii.

Subjects to take this semester which are compulsory:

Advance News Writing & Reporting Skills
English For Mass Communication
Mass Media & Malaysia Society
Public Relations: Principles & Practice
Advertising: Principles & Practice
Desktop Publishing

Then there's Urban Reporting which is being offered this semester as an elective paper. I want to take it but big problem is, no one else in my batch or anyone else who's close to me for that matter are taking Urban Reporting. No one is interested in Journalism subjects except for me, I guess. So, meaning...I can't take cuz I've got no friends and no transportation to go college for that subject either. Most people wouldn't want to take elective subjects for as long as they have enough credit hours to graduate. Well, I'm different. Even if I have enough credit hours, I still wanna take up as much electives as I can. Because I want to learn. I want to learn more about Mass Communication. I like writing even though I may not look like it. Sigh...

I wish I can choose my subjects based on what I like not based on my transportation problem. Gosh, I hate life...


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