Saturday, August 14, 2010


I've grown close to some of my classmates. Hansel, Annie, Vion and Anne (Anne's a senior though, haha).

The one that I think, grew up the most would be Annie. I'm so proud to call Annie my friend. She's just so positive and hardworking. Its a blessing to have her as a friend and a team mate in assignments. Annie has opened up alot. She's showing herself and more relaxed nowadays. Its nice to see Annie. She's like a breath of fresh air into life. Hopefully Annie will be my team mate again in PR subjects...

Hansel, erm...what can I say about him? He is full of nonsense but he's actually a very nice guy. He cares about others. He always have good intention but end up taken advantage of. His mouth is loaded with craps but he can really work when he is put to it. The only thing I'm worried is that he's going for Broadcasting. Seriously, Broadcasting may be fun but its really hard to find jobs in Malaysia. The Broadcasting field in Malaysia as we know it is...flat. I wish he'd change to PR. Not only for my own good, for his as well. I really enjoy having him as  a team mate.

Vion, haha. Vion has always been someone who I can relate to most of the time. I might not hang out with her as much as the others but something or somehow, everytime I see her, my heart melts. This is one sweet girl. The way she talks, the way she moves. She's naturally sweet and cute. Vion has a personality of her own but at the same time, she's one of those who can absorb other's personality and be like them. It is a good thing if its the right personality that she absorbs but if its the wrong one, its a catastrophe. She may have been born into a comfortable life but everyone have their own pros and cons. She's faced with her own problems as well.

Anne...haha, this girl, I tell you. She's nice and yet mean at times. ''You wanna know whats mean? Go mop the whole house.'' LOL, thats what she told us what the definition of mean is according to her mom. She very nice, too nice for her own good. But she's one of those people that you just can never get angry of. You feel like you wanna protect her all the time, haha. Anne Stephanie Peterson! You...LOL! You make my days whenever I'm down. You're damn good at that. And yet you have to suffer with Hansel's nonsense. You are very good at making people happy. You may appear all sun-shiny and positive and happy but I know you've problems of your own too. Everything will work out just fine, ya :)

These friends of mine are ONE OF A KiND. Nothing can replace them. I LOVE each and everyone of you in a different way. Cheers to the friendship that we've made. Love you all


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