Monday, August 23, 2010

A Day Filled With FUN & RUSH

We went to Gurney after settling college's things. We thought we would have lunch then watch Grown Ups but Gurney's GSC isn't showing it yet, sigh. Thought we can spend Aaron's last day on Earth, LOL! I mean last day in Penang by watching a fun movie with him but can't. We ended up DEBATiNG over where to EAT. Nando's la, Manhattan la, McD la. In the end? McD. I made Ms. Anne ''I don't eat McD'' Peterson line up infront first. To make sure she orders and EAT. Then only we order. My god, the combined fries was like French Fries Mountain. Anyways, we makan while listening to Hansel Khoo's nonsense and him making fun of the Korean's facial features. Especially their eyes. Oh ya, we bumped into Ar Jie and Wei Ching also ^^

After lunch, we went round Gurney and we HAD to direct Hansel Khoo to the toilet. He enter the basement toilet even after he saw the sign which says TOiLET CLOSED. Bodoh kan? HAHAHA...biasa larh...Bumped into alot of Han Chiang people in Gurney. Haha...looks like everyone went to Gurney after college ended. Anyways, Anne and I went to Popular and shop for stationeries (sounded like shop for groceries, LOL!) Anne bought a file while I ended up with these...
Hehe, my SketchBook for Advertising
Note Book & Note Pad. So CUTE, right???
My new files, SO CUTE!


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