Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Well, we took off around 10pm to Genting Highlands. Our ''adventure'' there was pretty funny. First, our GPS didn't work so we just trust the road signs. Later on, we used GPS via mobile. It led us to the old and I mean really OLD and ulu road to Genting. The roads looked REALLY creepy and I just closed my eyes all the way there. Every once in awhile there were lights flashing and I thought I saw ''THE LiGHT'' and was about to see God but turns out, it was only those stupid drivers flashing. Then, there was a sign that leds to Genting but it was on the opposite side meaning we HAD to make a U-Turn to see the sign. Stupid right, the developers?

At least we reached Genting safely. Throughout our journey there, we did alot of U-Turns and I thought I saw ''THE LiGHT'' many times. HAHAHA! Why would God even wanna see me??? Anyways, upon reaching we checked in and there were no standard rooms available so we had to take the Deluxe Triple Suite. That room can fit 6 people! OMG! We rest for the rest of the night (no pun intended). I was being very hyper, so did Kher Shieu! But my hyper-ness was abit out. I talked to my mirror reflection while Kher Shieu & Goh Ki laughed and laughed and Soo Lyn just shake her head in SWT-ness. Haha!

Our room. Boys will always be boys, eyes glued to laptop
Me & Kher Shieu
Me & Soo Lyn
Me & Goh Ki (er...)
See what that fella doing behind me?

The next morning, I was shaken up by Kher Shieu! I woke up cursing like a mad gay, LOL! After washing up, we went round the indoor and outdoor theme parks. The dissapointment part was that some of really fun rides were closed. We did the roller-coaster, bumper cars and indoor coaster. Then we had our lunch at Burger King. After that, we went round the shoplots upstairs where I got myself some really cool keychain and necklace from BUMCiTY. I got the bow Neytiri used in Avatar as keychain and the symbol of The Night Elves in Warcraft as necklace.

After all the mini shopping, we head to the car park and off we go to our next destination, Kuala Lumpur.


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