Wednesday, August 25, 2010


You see the girl to the right? That's Heng Xiang Ming or better known as Helen. I am glad and happy that I got to know her. She is one of a kind and she's uniquely Helen. She has her way in terms of talking to people and such. We used to call her ''Siao Lala'' but now we just call her ''Siao Po'', haha! Although I may not be as close with her as last time, she's still very sweet to me. I feel like want to help her and protect her. I forgot how I got to know her but I know I never regretted knowing her. I still remember when I got to know her, she got this ''mi yu tang'' hairstyle, haha. Then she got macam macam color. From BRiGHT Brown to Red and now darker color. She may be blur at times but her blurrish actions are all hilarious. She is funny when she talk, when she keeps quiet, when she walk, when she shouts, when she do whatever that she do larh...LOL! I have grouped with her on several assignments. This semester's subjects, I might not be grouping with her but still I will try my best to help her if I can. I think of her as my little sister who is fragile and vulnerable. LOL! She's quite ''tan chun'' in her own ways. Hahahaha...Helen Heng, I Love YOU (as a sister, LOL!) Later your boyfriend kill me, haha...because he will jealous I love you more than I love him, HAHAHAHA!


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