Sunday, August 22, 2010


As humans, we wait and wait. We waited for our future parents to have sex before we are born. Then, we wait inside our mother's womb for 9months before we pop out. After that, we wait to grow up and do whatever that is planned for us. Even during our exams, we wait. After exam, we wait for the results to come out. When we graduate, we wait for the ceremony. When we are ready to look for job, we wait for replies.

When it comes to love, we wait as well. We either try our very best to find that special one or we wait for he/she to appear in our life. I've tried both. Find and wait. Both ended with me withdrawing into an emo state. How long does one have to wait? Alot of people say its not my time yet. Well, the 18s and 19s are having a blissful love life. Why is not my time yet? And I'm 21. Don't get me wrong, I'm not rushing into things. I just feel lonely at times, most of the times. Especially during the night when its cold and dark. There's just so many things that goes through one's mind and you just wanna share it with someone...

Joseph - I am TiRED of WAiTiNG :(


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