Sunday, August 22, 2010


I've heard of MAKiNG LOVE OUT OF NOTHiNG AT ALL. I've heard of LOVE AT FiRST SiGHT. I've heard of LOVE AT FiRST LUST. I've heard of KNOWiNG YOU LOVE THAT SOMEBODY EVEN BEFORE THEY SHOW UP. I've heard of TRYiNG TO LOVE SOMEBODY. Have you heard of FUELED OUT FOR LOVE? Well, this is what I'm experiencing...

Recently, I've been feeling out of love. This is so NOT me. I am the type who seek for someone to love and yet...things seems to be different now. I seem to DON'T KNOW how to LOVE. I seem to be filled with anger, bitterness and jealousy. Few have approached me. If it was back then, I would try to like and maybe develop this thing called love but now...I just don't seem to be interested. You may call it LOST FAiTH iN LOVE. If last time I fall in love too easily, now I don't even know how to fall in love, more over love somebody. Maybe I've been through relationship too many times for this period of my life. Maybe all this time of people saying ''its not your time yet'' has taken its toll on me. Maybe it's never time for me. Maybe I'm meant to be single and alone in this dying world. Sounds depressing? Well, these are just my thoughts. I do like someone right now, right here but am I able to bring to the next level? The level they call love? I am not sure myself. I don't trust myself to be in love anymore. I think I've lost myself. I think my soul is lost. I think I need a helping hand to bring me back. I could use somebody but who is that somebody? My heart yearns for companionship yet its shielded so strongly, like a stronghold that nothing can go through it.

I think I am just tired of everything around me. Who wants to be lonely, right? But I seem to always end up that way. Tell me where do broken-hearts go? To a place where the lonelys are? Or does it withdraw and cast itself into a world of its own? A world of darkness and the parallel? Will you save me out of my loneliness and darkness? Are you out there somewhere?


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