Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Was so damn bored sick and trapped at home. Thank God Kher Shieu and her BF took me out! We went for dinner at Sushi King. At first we wanted to go Manhattan Fish Market for the Seafood Platter but I'm having sore-troat so no fried stuffs. Dinner was fun. Soo Lyn joined us after that.

After dinner, we went to watch Tekken. Although history has it that most movie adaptation from games turns out to be sucky, Tekken is not too bad. One's just gotta relax and enjoy the movie. There are some nonsense part in the movie as with other movie. Such as? Odd enough, Jin is the only one bleeding throughout the movie. He bleeds like 90% of the movie. Somebody ''waterbend'' his blood away please? We all know Jin goes after the Tekken Corp after the death of his mother. Here's the thing, in EVERY Iron Fist fight, Jin will start out strong, then he'll be beaten down hard and as usual, bleeds. Then he will get glimpse of the past where his mother trained him and the wise words his mother told him and out of the sudden, he can defeat his opponent. Kinda bullshit, right?

Jin's hair doesn't really stand up like in the game but boy, does Heihachi Mishima's hair stands, haha. Looks like falcon hair. Later on Jin finds out that Heihachi is his grandfather in a ''Luke, I am your father'' kinda scene, LOL! Then there's Christie Monteiro, Nina & Anna Williams. Christie and Jin seems to have an attraction for each other. As for Nina & Anne, the movie didn't do any justice for them. Both sisters were portrayed like Kazuya's (Jin's father and nemesis) sex kittens and toys. C'mon, Nina have a game out on her own, there should be more depth into her character so that the producers could come out with a Nina movie. But all they do in the movie is have sex with Kazuya and sleep in their lingerie on the sofa and oh ya, tried to assasinate Jin on Kazuya's command. Thank god Christie beat the hell outta Nina. Big dissapointment on Nina's part because in Tekken, most people know Jin and Nina. But overall, not too bad if you don't go and overthink it. Just enjoy it and think later, haha...


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