Friday, August 13, 2010

Deception, Exception & INCEPTiON

Supposingly, Kelven want to go out with me before he goes to US. Knowing the person he is, a COMPULSiVE LiAR, I didn't trust his words. Instead, after my society's meeting, I went to Gurney with Anne and Hansel. Hansel brought Aaron and Wei Loon along. Thank god I went out with them because Kelven was a no-show. Guess once you're a liar, forever you're a liar.

We wanted to watch Inception at 5.20pm but couldn't make it in time. The next was 8.30pm. Anne can't stay till so late so we thought maybe both of us go watch Eclipse but things were dilly dally till we missed Eclipse also cuz it starts at 5.45pm and by the time we decide, it was 6pm already. Anne then make a call home and say she'll be home late so we bought the tickets for Inception 8.30pm. After that we decide to go for dinner but as usual, dilly dally here until finally settle for Secret Recipe. Had Lasagne while Anne had Chicken Gordon Bleu. Aaron and Hansel ordered Secret Recipe's cakes and later on Aaron called for Lasagne. We walk around and chit-chat abit. 8.30pm - Time for movie!

Okay, Inception was very straining to the brain. Especially to Hansel's. Poor fella, have to explain to him what's happening. No doubt, the movie made us feel like bimbos at times. My gawd! How many layers of dream these people wanna go through? For one purpose, INCEPTiON. Leonardo DiCaprio's character, Gobb is an expert in entering people's dream and steals information. Gobb gets an offer from a man named Saito. A plan, INCEPTiON. Success of the plan means Gobb can return to LA a free man. He is in suspect of killing his own wife. As the movie went on, audience finds out that INCEPTiON was done before. Gobb did it to his wife. They lived in a world of dream till they grew old in that dream. A dream where they build their life. Until Gobb's wife, Mal couldn't tell the reality from dream. Thats when Gobb planted the idea for her to wake up. But even after she woke up, the idea that she was living in a dream was deep in her head that she still thinks she's in a dream. She ended up suicide and Gobb was blamed for it. Anyways, the dreams went from layer 1 to layer 2 to layer 3. Everyone thinks it stops there then they had to take it to layer 4, LOL!

Hansel's brain stopped functioning at layer 1 already, poor fella. Anne had to explain it to him. The movie alright I guess but its just abit complicating. I imagined myself as the editor of the movie. My gawd! Headache, I'll get mixed up.


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