Thursday, August 19, 2010


You need your camera's memory card because its urgent you say. You said you might come back Penang so you needed to see me to take back the memory card. Thats all you wanted to do. Then now you said you can't. I don't really care if you coming Penang or not 'cause I'm so tired of you, of who you have become. I sms you and message you on Facebook chat but takes you forever to reply. Most of the time no reply. Now, I reply slow or get impatience. Now you know how it feels like?

I asked for your help to get me a bag which I saw in Times Square. You knew I liked it because you were there with me at that time. I didn't buy and I ended up regretting it. I asked for your favor knowing you coming to Penang to get it for me. You didn't You said you don't have time. Yet, we were around Pavilion. Now you wanna rush me and giving me exclamation marks asking for your memory card? Which you're not coming over to take it yourself. You asking some strange guy to come take from me. Go to hell, can?


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