Sunday, August 22, 2010

Start Of Something NEW

Tomorrow college re-opens. I'll be entering the second year of college. Its Year2 Semester1. This is the semester which we choose our major. I've been tossing and turning thinking about which major to go for and I've settled for PR & Advertising, something I told myself never to go for because it involves alot of planning and paperwork but I guess I'm eating my own words now. If it were to go by heart, I would go for Broadcasting because I like all those editing stuff and the whole filming and being able to have my own radio show kinda thing but knowing the people in batch, my ideas would be stepped over and they would get the say because of majority votes. Another reason in my mind was that the Broadcasting field in Malaysia is kinda flat. Its not easy to get jobs in Malaysia, even in KL Second choice would be Journalism but then I don't wanna do newspaper. I'm not meant for that. Magazine would be more of my thing. But then we all have to start in newspaper, most probably. Then there's no one in my batch who's going for Journalism. I'm the only one if I take it and then there's drama in the editor's team and all. Guess I'll just settle for PR & Advertising. I like Advertising, not so much on the PR side. We'll see where all this leads to...

New semester, new classes, new lecturers. Since we're choosing our majors, we won't be seeing each other so much already. I'm gonna miss some friends who are going for different major, namely Hansel, Vicky, Wei Ching, Pei Fei, Ning Yi, Gary, Ar Jie and others. While part of me is DAMN excited because I don't have to see faces that I don't like.


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