Wednesday, August 18, 2010

3 Guys, 2 Girls In A BiG CiTY

KL, I'm back but this time around, it feels normal. There's no longer the excitement in the heart. Haha, the only excitement was the shopping part. Oh, our GPS finally woke up. So things were easier. We head to GCB Court in Ampang. Not the same GCB as the McD's GCB Burger. We stayed in Soo Lyn's relative's apartment. Ampang Point was super close to where we stayed but Ampang Point is soooo dead and boring. Its like the Bukit Jambul Complex in Penang. Nothing to buy there. We meet up with one of Kher Shieu's friend, Ed whom I call Rabbit Hair or GPS now. Because of an incident in Mid Valley's Pets Wonderland. He walked infront of me and he looked like one of the rabbits in the petshop, haha! And Ed's obssessed with dark alleys. Although we were in KL for a short period of time, we went round quite alot of places. We went to Ampang Point, IKEA, Ikano Power Centre, The Curve, Mid Valley and Times Square. Lots of lame jokes were threw in-between our conversations. Kher Shieu even mastered the GPS. While Ed who's a KL 'lang' got his foot in IKEA for the FiRST TiME thanks to us, LOL! Fail la ini KL lang.

Shopping At COTTON ON. Bought a tee at ROMP
Saw this board in COTTON ON, Luv iT!
Soo Lyn, Me & Ed

We ate around Taman Ukay on our first night there. The second day, we went to Bubba Gump Shrimp Restaurant for lunch and IKEA's Cafe for snack. The meatball at IKEA's Cafe is HEAVEN! I want more!!! Then I realized something, we've been spending on food. ENOUGH! Time to spend on CLOTHES! time! Bought a few clothes and accessories. You know me and my wristbands la, haha. And my cheeky type of tees. Damn it! My BumbleBee bag! They shops in Times Square no longer selling T.T I am content with my shopping but not happy cuz mission failed. No BumbleBee bag. We really went round, haha. Poor Goh Ki have to drive us around. Thanks ya. Next time give you massage again, haha! He says my butt is ''tan xin''. Hahahaha!
RUN FOREST RUNl, if you don't need the waiter
If you need assistance, STOP FORREST STOP!
Ed & his rabbit hair
I want my food...
The tables had quotes from the movie, FOREST GUMP
Shrimper's Heaven
Meatball & Fries At IKEA!!!
Shieu eating her balls...


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